Our Why

What if profit was as important as our passion for helping youth in need achieve their potential? Ubuntu Pies was established with a purpose of assisting youth on their journey to self-sufficiency as valuable and community-minded members of society.

We are committed to providing youth in need with opportunities to gain valuable employment experience as well as a platform for developing skills that lead to a fulfilling future. We strongly believe that all young people should have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background.

That is why we collaborate with other like-minded organizations to provide support with career counselling and money matters, all in an effort to assist young people in becoming contributing members of their communities. We're not superheroes…(sometimes we wish we were). We are just another family trying to pie (pay) it forward by playing our small part in helping youth achieve their full potential. To make a long story short, pies are our means and helping youth thrive is our end.