Ubuntu Pies and the youth.

We are passionate about helping young people use their talents and skills to make a difference in their communities. We make money from pies and then give some to a cause we are passionate about. We can’t take it with us! We're not superheroes or anything, just trying to do a small part in giving smiles to young people, as they experience the joy of impacting their communities through the use of their talents and skills.

How we do it

We partner with individuals and organizations that share our passion and organize or sponsor events that allow young people to showcase their talents and skills. There is a catch….give us credit…at least we are upfront about it and stating it in capital letters too. ALL PROCEEDS FROM EVENTS MUST BE DONATED TO A CAUSE OF CHOICE IN THE COMMUNITY.

Why do we do it?

Young people develop a true sense of self-worth from the things they give rather than from the things they get. Helping them develop their talents and skills and providing them with opportunities to contribute to the good of the community through using their talents and skills, builds self-worth. It also lays the foundation for being a lifelong contributing member of society. How do we know this? Because we are parents. We see it in our children.