The only thing we love more than our pies is helping the youth in need work towards achieving their full potential.

What if making a profit was equally important as our passion of helping the youth in need work towards achieving their potential? Ubuntu Pies was established with a purpose of assisting the youth on their journey to self sufficiency and having fulfilling futures as valuable and community minded members. We are committed to providing youth in need opportunities to gain valuable employment experience as well as a platform for developing skills that lead to a fulfilling future.

Ubuntu is a philosophy that offers us an understanding of ourselves in relation with the world. Ubuntu is a way of life and is often translated to “I am because we are”. In other words, a person is a person through other people. Although the word “Ubuntu” comes from southern Africa, the concept is universal throughout Africa under various names. Ubuntu dictates a spirit of compassion, sharing, kindness and respect towards other people and that is how we pledge to conduct our business at Ubuntu Pies as we work with young people to help them impact their communities.


We strongly believe that all young people should get the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background. That is why other than providing employment opportunities, we collaborate with other like minded organizations to provide services such as career counselling and money matters, all in an effort to assist young people to be contributing members of their communities.

We're not superheroes…(sometimes we wish we were). We are just another family trying to pie (pay) it forward by playing our small part in helping the youth achieve their full potential. To make a long story short, pies are our means and helping the youth in need thrive is our end.


Our meat pies are a mix of cultural tastes drawn from different continents. With roots from the Cornish pasty in Cornwall England, fused with recipes from Zimbabwe and mixed with a Canadian flavor, our meat pies are baked to create a memory or satisfy that nostalgia. Fresh baked from the oven to your dinner table or while on the go, it’s a taste to savor .

There is not much you cannot put into our handcrafted flaky puff pastry. Our dessert pies can be enjoyed with ice-cream, coffee, tea, or best of all…just as they are.


Great news to our vegetarian and vegan friends! Not eating meat or dairy doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy our flaky buttery pies.

We have handcrafted a variety of flavors to satisfy your cravings and fill you up. Our flaky buttery vegan friendly pies are made from vegan-plant based ingredients.

Please know that we also handle non-plant based ingredients are also used at our bakery. In the making of our vegan pies, all precautions are taken to avoid cross contamination and we cannot guarantee 100% that cross contamination will not occur…that is why we refer to them as vegan friendly.


Through partnerships with school councils, we take care of the food stuff so schools can focus on schooling stuff. Our hot lunch program offers pies, rice bowls, salads, vegetable and fruit cups. Each food item is individually wrapped and labelled to make sure we hear less of "I didn't get my food" . All our meals are prepared in an Alberta Health inspected commercial kitchen and operated under strict food safety and quality control standards.

We are not gluten-free but we are gluten aware. In the preparation of gluten free meals, we make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction and take precautions to avoid cross contamination. However, we still cannot provide a 100% guarantee that the meals will be gluten free.